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BioData - Aquatic Bioassessment Data for the Nation

About BioData Retrieval
About BioData Retrieval
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) BioData Retrieval system provides access to aquatic bioassessment data (biological community and physical habitat data) collected by USGS scientists from stream ecosystems across the nation. USGS scientists collect fish-, aquatic macroinvertebrate-, and algae-community samples and conduct stream physical habitat surveys as part of its fundamental mission to describe and understand the Earth. The publicly available BioData Retrieval system disseminates data from over 15,000 fish, aquatic macroinvertebrate, and algae community samples. Additionally, the system serves data from over 5000 physical data sets (samples), such as reach habitat and light availability, that were collected to support the community sample analyses. The system contains sample data that were collected and processed since 1991 using the protocols of the National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA). As of 2010, the system has added data collected by USGS scientists using the procedures and protocols of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Rivers and Streams Assessment program (NRSA).

Scientists, resource managers, teachers, and the public can retrieve data using an online query. BioData Retrieval allows one to find the data of interest based on criteria (filters) such as data type, location, date, or taxonomy. Selected retrieval criteria can be saved to a computer desktop for future queries. Data retrievals are organized in data set tables with a defined column headings. The requested data can be downloaded in several formats.

Other USGS Online Water Resource Data

Sources of other USGS Water Resource data are available. The USGS National Water Information System website (NWISWeb) disseminates data on the quantity, quality, distribution, and movement of surface and underground waters. Water-quality data collected by the NAWQA Program are accessed from the program's Data Warehouse (NAWQA DWH).

Help Information
The system provides online help within each page. The online help provides assistance about retrieval criteria, saving criteria, data set definitions, and more. Not finding what you need? For questions or comments about the system, please use our convenient online form.
Two crewmembers sampling invertebrates with a Slack sampler. Cutthroat trout, Idaho Water Science Center Cymbella mexicana Fish sampling, Illinois Water Science Center Timpanoga sp. USGS National Water Quality Lab